Thursday, September 01, 2005

Odds and ends

Took care of a lot of little things I've been putting off today. I ordered patterns and swatches for just about every project I have planned between now and November 1 (which is not getting any further away the more I procrastinate). I think I got some good patterns I can work with: a Green Pepper jumpsuit and Jalie insulated vest for Hoth Leia, and a Suitability jodhpur specifically designed for woven (non-stretch) fabric to complete the Imperial Officer (which is still in the mock-up stage). Tina at The Rain Shed was especially helpful, asking specifically about my project so she could send the most appropriate swatches. She didn't even laugh when I explained I wanted to make a costume that looks like a snowsuit, but isn't insulated because I live in FLORIDA. She did make some excellent suggestions; I really hope they have what I want, because I just love to buy from people like that!

Also put the buttons on the plaid Blouse from Hell, and I must say, it turned out really cute! All that's left is the hem. I'll get someone to take a pic and post it soon. In retrospect, this would actually be a good pattern for someone to learn a lot of different techniques in one project: interfacing, facings, sleeves, understitching, extensions/underlap, gathering, fitting, pressing and serging all those little seams... As long as you're not on a deadline and you use a fabric withOUT nap, I recommend it!


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