Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Cranberry Cottage Liners Complete!

The finished basket liners:

A brief review of the patterns: They were reasonably easy to work with. All are one-piece construction, which is pretty cool except it seems like a waste of fabric.

Still, I was able to squeeze lining (for the reverse side) for two of the baskets out of the leftovers. Also, I made fabric ties instead of using ribbon. I assembled the liners using the 1/4" seam allowance called for in the patterns, but attached the lining with a 3/8" seam allowance, only because that's where I basted the ruffle and I wanted to hide that stitching!

I had a little trouble with the Small Gatehouse liner. First, I cut off the little flap designed to fold over the edge between the handle straps. The Tall Key didn't have that flap, so I figured they might as well match, and it was so small I didn't want to fuss with it anyway. Then the cutout wasn't wide enough to fit around the handle, so I opened it up a good 3/4" or more, but it still seems barely wide enough. The cutout section is stretched taught and the whole collar is tight. It looks fine, but if I ever make it again I'll have to re-think that.

Have a look at the fabrics I'm using in the room, I'm so pleased about how it's all coming together:

It all started with the lime green fabric scattered with embroidered tulips, on the far right. I made a window valance with it, and hung it on the same honey-bee hooks as the baskets. The hot-pink polka-dotted batik was next. Margaret Q at the Sewing Studio helped me choose batiks that coordinated with the polka-dot colors for the basket liners. It was her suggestion to make the chair piping polka-dot, too. The tweed-looking stuff next to the tulip is going on my chair and bulletin board. This stuff is so NOT like the rest of my house, which is all olive and gold and burnt orange. I call it "my little girl's room"!


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