Thursday, March 24, 2005


Today I put together a few purple sashes for the children's church Easter program. Diane, the head seamstress, has a neat little trick where you leave an opening in the center of the sash for turning, which is invisible after you turn and press, so there is no need to stitch it closed. Also, you only have to turn half the tube at a time, which makes it go quick. It's nice that they only give each volunteer a few at a time, too! When I did these (in silver lame) for their Christmas program (Polar Express), Mary told me that she likes to pray over the children as she sews. I like the idea of blessings being sewn into the seam, like special magic being woven right into the fabric. So I pray, and when I run out of words I sing a couple of the songs the kids often do, like "All Things Are Possible". It also keeps me in a good mood; there's just no room for getting annoyed at little glitches when I'm singing praises and thinking good thoughts for the kids.


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