Thursday, October 13, 2005

These Feet Were Made for Walking

Made heavy use of two new feet today, and am SO glad I invested in them!

Left, the piping foot. I've actually had this foot for a year (got it on a store closing sale), but forgot I owned it and used a zipper foot the last time I made piping. It has a groove on the bottom that the cord rides in, so all you have to do is fold your bias strip over it and step on the gas. With the needle in the center position, it automatically stitches right up next to the cord for the best piping I've ever made. Even better, I used it to attach the piping on my Hoth Leia patches. Once I got the piping pinned where I wanted it, the foot guided the whole thing, even around curves--no watching the seam allowance!

Right, the dual-feed or "walking" foot. It's a slightly smaller contraption than The Ruffler, and easier to use. It's got feed teeth that basically mirror the feed dogs, so together they pull all the layers of fabric through at an equal rate. Works so well it's almost unremarkable; no problems with fabric or batting shifting at all!

I begin to understand and appreciate Scott's insistence on having the proper tools before he begins a job, something that usually annoys me!


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