Monday, October 24, 2005

Mr. Scott

Spent last evening and this morning on Scott's new costume: Star Trek's Mr. Scott (they're both engineers, get it? ha-ha!).

Actually I think he would rather have been Captain Kirk, but goldish-lime-greenish velour or double knit is really hard to come by! But I found the perfect red at Denver Fabrics, an 80% cotton velour in "tango red". After two pre-washes (Sandra Betzina's More Fabric Savvy informs me that velour shrinks progressively, hence the two washes) and an overnight hang on the shower rod (Sandra also advised that it would stretch), it feels absolutely luxurious! Now if I had allowed for a little more ease, it would have been really comfy to wear!

The pattern came from, as did the chest insignia and rank braids. Just for fun, I also picked up a belt buckle.

Anyway, for directions and information, the pattern is terrible. There's no finished garment measurement, and even worse, no legend for which size to cut based on your body measurements. So we lined up the pieces, measured them and subtracted the seam allowances, and decided to cut the small for the correct shoulder (remember too, we're using a knit fabric so there was going to be some stretch). I spent a couple of hours last night altering the pattern for the waist, hip, and arm length. This morning Scott tried on the basted up shirt and wouldn't you know, everything I adjusted was PERFECT but the CHEST (where we expected 6 inches of ease) was tight! Go figure. I let it out as much as I could and am waiting for him to get home and try it on again.

Now, for construction the pattern is GREAT! All the notches line up (although the pattern does not tell you which notches belong where, once I started to pin I could see how they fit together) and the seams intersect just where they should. Of course using the walking foot helped a lot and kept everything together smoothly.


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