Friday, July 15, 2005

Start something new

Integration = one life. It's amazing how everything is related. The last couple of weeks I've been in a low-energy slump. With Star Wars Weekends over and my vacation pieces completed, I decided to work on some repairs: an alteration, a broken zipper, a hem. I don't think I ever worked so slow in my life! Not only were the tasks themselves uninspiring (though educational), but they played right into my current struggle with "I can't get ahead"--they felt like tasks I would never finish! That day I actually packed up and left class early--I'm usually the last one to leave.

So last week in class I made a conscious decision to start something different and new. In one day, I nearly completed a new pair of capris-length pants in a fun, flowy print... AND found the energy to complete my repair jobs later in the week at home. Who knew my MBTI training would come in handy at sewing...!