Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Catching up

Wow, I've been busy. Mainly keeping up with my LiveJournal friends. Holidays. Being sick, and traveling. But sewing whenever I can squeeze it in!

This morning I updated my Imperial Officer notes (especially for my friend, Gabby, who started her own sewing blog) and my Blogger template to include my new Designer I in my equipment list. Read about how I came to own a Designer I here. Since then I've learned that my machine actually has about 100 hours of sewing time and 22 hours of embroidery time on it (with a total "on" time of around 700 hours), and is closer to 2 1/2 years old, but that the deal I got was below dealer cost and I'm still thrilled!

Over the holidays I took on a new client project, a "flak vest" for a Resident Evil costume. I think it turned out really well (click for larger images):

Esh's vest

vest lining

...and for reference: RE Olivera photo. Esh (pictured in the vest I made) showed his vest around the costume forum and now I have 3-4 more potential clients lined up!

I found out yesterday that Vogue patterns are 75% off at Hancock Fabrics this week. So today I think I'll catalog my L.A. fabric stash and take swatches with me to go through the pattern book. And--woo-hoo--the postman just delivered a big box with the rest of the L.A. fabric I had to leave behind with Gabby! Now, where to stash it until I'm ready to sew...


Blogger MJAZ said...

Vogue Patterns 75% off??? Audrey you just had to say that didn't you! ARGH! Now I must go to Hancock.

12:07 PM  

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