Friday, November 11, 2005

Narnia Standards

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Today's project: Standards, for the children's ministry's new Narnia theme. These banners will hang in pairs from poles stationed around the visitor room, which loosely recreates the scene pictured in this screensaver. It's a rush job ("I forget if you're the kind of person that's energized by the last-minute rush", the Generational Pastor Sylvia left on my voicemail), so I was just going to steam-a-seam the edges, but taught myself to serge a 2-thread rolled edge after Tina suggested it instead (2 threads, because that's all I had enough matching thread for; and I was using up different shades of leftover spools for that!). I'm pretty pleased with the results, although the orange fabric kept unraveling (while I serged it, unbelievable!), so I repaired those edges with a tiny zig-zag and some fray-block. And now I know what those sinister-looking dagger-like attachments (the stitch finger and 2-thread converter) for the serger are!


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